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odd behavior of Photos app, displaying tile photos that cannot be found.


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I'll get right to it. My 1st gen Surface Pro's Photo app displays changing tile photos that were all taken on my Windows Lumina 928, however I cannot find ANY of these photos within any folder listed when opening the app. I have four folders, including SkyDrive, "camera roll" (from the win phone). Again, not one of the photos appearing as changing tiles can be found.

What am I doing wrong? I have tried sync-ing the phone and SkyDrive. No change.

Thanks for any help.


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Can you see them in you go to File Explorer>Pictures Library?

I just checked there. No photos. The Camera Roll folder, mysteriously, is empty! There are about twenty shots in the parent directory, taken on the Lumia 928 while in Canada.... but that's when it all worked. No idea what changed. Thank you for your response!


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the photo app keeps some sort of cache of photos that have been randomly chosen to display. I forget the exact file path but I was playing around with it to see if the pictures to display could be manipulated. the cache remains as far as I know for a while even after deleting the original as the files are given a different name in the cache. have you tried turning off the live tiles and turning it on again? some combination of that or turning on / off the shuffling I believe refreshes the cache.


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Yup the cache thing is very annoying! I had some... how shall we put it, 'questionable' images appearing on there which I wouldn't want other family members to see!

Deleted them, even from the Recycle Bin, but they still show :( had to turn off the Live feature in the end.