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Photos App Doesn't Work


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As per the thread title, the Metro Photos app in Windows 8.1 no longer works for me. When opening it, I can see the folders, but the picture files themselves aren't displayed (as if they don't exist). If I select Skydrive from the photos app, it doesn't see anything either. It also seems to have affected my Onedrive metro app, as now I can't see thumbnails of the pictures (though at least it still recognizes the presence of the pictures themselves.) I think this was caused by an app that I made the default for viewing pictures, but now that I reverted back to the default photos app, something must have broke. I can't uninstall the photos app to reinstall it. If I use Metro Commander, I can see the image thumbnails just fine within that app (this also doesn't affect pictures viewed from the desktop).

Thing I have tried:

Made Photos the default pictures app in settings

Created a new folder for the Photos Library

Restored Library to defaults

Deleted indexing database and created a new one.

Created a new user account to see if it works, nope

Any other ideas ASIDE from performing a Windows refresh?
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