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choose photos to display on live tile?


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has anyone figured out how to display specific photos on the photo app live tile? I see the pictures that the photo app displays in:


I tried turning off shuffling and turning the live tile off, copying the pictures I want to display into the above folder and renaming them Tile0.jpg Tile1.jpg etc and the live tile stops functioning. re-enabling shuffle in the photo app options makes it work again but overwrites any jpg's that you copy in there with another random set.


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No and I find the live function of this tile very annoying... it still wants to show files that have been deleted! They were deleted for a reason. There must be some kinda cache but I don't know how to clear it.


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well doing what I did above minus copying new jpegs and renaming them I BELIEVE resets the cache. just delete the jpegs in that folder, the dat file, relaunch the photo app and turn shuffling back on. seems to randomly pick 5 more photos from your library. I got tired of it myself and have it showing a single photo.

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