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Official I pre-ordered a Surface Pro 4


I preordered SP4 I7, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD storage.
Logic: i7 to last into future requirements.
I am not sure how 16GB RAM will help me since I am not a gamer.
256GB because I store very little on my device and use the cloud a lot and backup hard drives
I ordered the keyboard with the fingerprint.
I also ordered the new Dock.
I also bought the extended warrantee.
Will need to get video output cables for my monitors.

I was using a SP1(purchased Feb 2013) which Microsoft recently replaced free of charge with a pro 2 because mine was having difficulty and they couldn't fix it.

I'm waiting for he reviews as far as battery life and noise. If not much different, I'll be exchanging my i5, Iris GPU in Surface format is very intriguing, and I did't realize that Best Buy will carry the i7/256Gb version, a lot easier to stomach than the 512Gb :)


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I wish you all speedy delivery on your new machines. I'm anxiously awaiting benchmarks, comparisons, problem reports, throttling info, etc. You all will be making my decision for me. I want an i7, 8g, 256 version this time. :)


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I decided I needed to experience for myself the value proposition of a core m SP4, blue cover, blue pen with tips included. Those that know me know I'll benchmark the heck out of this device to determine just what it will do.

Being able to know this device is or isn't a match for a businesses needs is invaluable to me. This ultimately may not be the only 2015 Surface model I sample but I feel there will be lots of reviews of i5 and i7 SP4/SB models and I already have a feel for performance of the i5 ... it will be at least as good or better than the i7 SP3 and better than the SP3 i5.

I think this is going to kick the iPad Pro in the gut... we shall see.

Note: The only game I'll be testing is Zork III :D Are you worthy?
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Hopefully I'll be able to pick mine up Monday. Will get the bundle, keyboard and if they have them a screen protector and the mini display to HDMI.


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Anyone know when the i5, 16gb, 512gb will be available?

The i5, 8gb, 256gb would be more than enough, but since my company is paying for it, I figured I could splurge a little. I'm getting antsy though and rather not wait too much longer. I'm ready to retire my RT :) If the wait is a while, I've got the budget to bump up to the i7 and wait till Nov 20.
Amazon just updated my expected date :D

Expected delivery: October 28, 2015

Just got a UPS tracking # from Microsoft directly last night with a delivery date of Monday by 3:00 p.m.

Will be in Las Vegas for a conference next week and will take the monorail up to the Microsoft Store on the north side of town, look at the SP Pro 4 and Book both, grab a fingerprint keyboard if they have them.
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Just pre-ordered the SP4 I5/256GB model w/ the blue Type Cover. I wanted to purchase the dock, but they're out of stock.