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Official I pre-ordered a Surface Pro 4


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I pre-ordered I7/16/512, also the keyboard with the fingerprint reader. since that will be interchangable between the SP3 and SP4.

Surface 2 RT (64g)
Surface Pro 3
(i7/8GB RAM/256GB)
Windows 10 Pro


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I saw the Surface Pro 4 at the Westfield Century City store in Los Angeles this weekend and I am very impressed. From the announcement, I didn't realize how much everything has been improved. The Type Cover this time is actually usable and the screen looks absolutely amazing. They had the i5 model up and it seemed to be faster than the previous i5 model. Now, I can't decide whether I should get this or the Surface Book.


I will be in the USA during October 26th so I just preordered my SP4 for in store pickup at Best Buy. I have a SP3 but since resale value is very high in my country, I can get almost the same from selling my SP3 as the new one will cost me. Hope Best Buy gets it on October 26th as stated, since I have to get back on October 28th.


Ordered a i5, 8GB 256GB this afternoon. This was a no-brainer because I'm coming from the original Surface Pro. Woo-whooie!


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Was going to sell my SP3 since I ordered a Surface Book.

Keeping the SP3, with a new Type Cover / fingerprint reader. Been a trusty machine for me. We've been through a lot together. There is enough love to share between two Surface rigs.


Ordered via Vendor, I5, 128MB, 4GB with fingerprint keypad/touch cover and new docking station.
LOVE my SP3...not sure of it's next duty.