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So, it arrives tomorrow and I'm very excited, surprisingly so for a Windows device. But I think this fits the bill in many ways, especially as a hybrid

My son will be very happy with the hand me down Toshiba laptop

So, importantly this is what I'm prepared for so far

* bought a SanDisk 64gb shdx card which arrived today - will load it up with my golf clips and movies etc ,to put in the surface, $54 on eBay

* bought a mini Dv to vga for SP to my Samsung 24 inch monitor

* bought a mini Dv to HDMI and other cable (3 in 1)

* haven't bought a screen protector yet, probably will, would prefer to get a cheap one

* can't wait to start using the native apps and the store to see what's available

* bought the touch cover

* got my Dropbox and Skydive accounts ready too install on the SP

Thoughts? What else is everyone using or looking for or getting ready, or even buying?


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Congrats you will enjoy it. I don't use a screen protector I am not sure if it affects the pen or not but I never use them. I do use a full body skin from sticker boy. I have the type cover but also use the ms Bluetooth wedge mouse and keyboard. If you do any traveling look at the external power thread for battery ideas. got my battery from Amazon and the cord from Mike MacGyver website. get about 4.5 hours worth of additional battery. most importantly there are a select few on this forum that are nothing but negative so don't get caught up in it. :cry:


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One other thing you will have a bunch of updates when you first turn it on. Don't plug anything into it, do the updates first. If they fail which sometimes they do when doing them all at once.UN check them and than try to install one at a time.


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One warning on Sandisk SDCards. They tend to be ever so slightly thinner than other brands. These means your card may occasionally lose contact in the Surface and you'll have to reseat the card for it to be recognized. There have been many complaints about this from Sandisk owners online.


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I've never used a screen protector, and don't really plan to.

I started out with the TouchCover as well, but then a buddy loaned me his TypeCover, and I was hooked. The Touch isn't bad, but the Type is better in my opinion.

If you decide you want a case for the thing, the Manvex case is the way to go. If you try to leave the stylus plugged into the power port, like it's made to do, then you WILL lose the stylus at some point, it's only a matter of time. Honestly, it's just about the ONLY flaw with the Surface Pro in my opinion, and the worst implementation of a stylus keep that I've seen on a tablet. The Manvex case has a pen loop and will solve that problem for you. Amazon.com: Manvex Slim and Compact Leather Folio Case Cover for the Microsoft Surface PRO Tablet with Windows 8 | Built-in Stand with Multiple Viewing Angles with Stylus Holder - Also compatible with the Type Cover and Touch Cover from Microsoft (Ke

Also, when you have issues, post them on this forum while they are SMALL, and not after you've hacked the bloody problem to death and now it's huge, much easier to support you that way ; )


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Since my Surface is in the mail i'll join in here
it won't be delivered by Friday (tomorrow is a holiday in Germany)

Orderd a SFPro 128GB and a TouchCover

Since you asked for Thaoughts: I tried both Touch and TypeCover. Although the Type was slightly better when typing on it i didn't like the feeling when having it flipped on the backside in tablet mode.

haven't bought anything specific really for the surface. the only thing is a - unlike many others miniDp to DisplayPort Adapter since this was oe of the killer features of the surface for me. natively running a 2560*1440px screen with it.

SD Cards is postponed until i feel the urge to buy one

vase: wanting some sort of sleek sleeve with a bag for the pen. since amazon.de lists the incipio case being available in 1-2 month i guess a) take a color i don't want or b) sending my father over to the US to get me one oooor c) try something else


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Awesome guys thanks

Sorry I meant to say type covering out, not touch cover too

Yes, day two will be a cover, battery pack maybe and screen protector
I don't know, expect I won't go for the screen protector, but I do have kids......

So, ext HDD, I will get a 1Tb USB 3 today. Are the unpowered ones ok or is there any performance loss? Ie I would prefer to have one power supply less plugging into things

MS Office, there's a corporate deal going where it's $15. It was active before, hopefully it still works. Which office did you guys get? I don't want to pay $100 every year for it!

I assume I turn off defender while doing the first updates?

I love finding great apps, what do you guys like?

Hoping spotify works on it, I can't use Xbox whatever it is as all my other devices have spotify and is not worth getting both for me, I'm not that much a music lover...


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I prefer the touch cover. I can literally blaze on it as you barely have to touch the keys.

3 negs on the type cover:

1) I found it missing keystrokes unless I really pounded the key.
2) I wouldn't want to use it in a class, meeting or library. The clickity-clack is quite loud whereas on the touch cover you can turn sound off and it is silent.
3) It feels all squishy and weird when you flip it back in tablet mode.


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Got my SP today, 128gb, beautiful!

Awesome screen, very smooth scrolling and very user friendly!
Love it so far, now to work out how to use it...


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Congrats! Working out how to use it is fun. I love my 128gb SP too and it is a huge upgrade coming from my ASUS Eepad Transformer 16gb tegra 2 tablet.


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Working a treat so far, installed apps, got my SD ard in and putting content onto it now

Wedge mouse is great, but scrolling up n down by sliding your finger is not great, not happy with that bit but will see how it goes.

I love the tiles and ease of navigating around.

Not many apps in the store, but expect that will change of course and its fun rediscovering what's there...

Got my monitor connected and as a 2nd screen well

Great fun this is


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