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Surface Pro returned to Best Buy


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Like any other product, if it doesn't work out for you in your real-life usage scenarios, then you did the right thing by returning it. Specs and reviews are one thing; putting a product into real-life use is another.

For me, however, I did lots of research and prepared myself way in advance. As an example, I knew the Surface Pro didn't have an Ethernet port and I'm the type of person who always prefers wired over wireless, so I researched and found an Ethernet/USB dongle. I also did the same for a fingerprint reader.

I successfully replaced my ThinkPad W700 and its docking station with my Surface Pro. The only outstanding compromise is the multi-monitor display support. With my ThinkPad, I had 2 external monitors, both running 2560x1600; one was VGA-port attached and the other was DVI-port attached.

The Surface Pro only has one video output and that's the mini DisplayPort. So right now I am stuck using just one additional external monitor. I'm definitely not interested in video via USB (through my research I found out that this cable also exists) because that would just eat up too much of my USB bandwidth. But I know this situation is temporary; I'll soon be buying a DisplayPort v1.2 monitor, which will allow me to daisy-chain to another DisplayPort monitor.

In my case, I have the USB, DisplayPort and audio jacks all plugged. Is that "Frankenstein-ish?" If so, well, then, what do you think my ThinkPad docking station looked like?!

My point is that I love my Surface Pro; it is a beautiful, elegant machine that has completely replace my full-blow laptop. However, were it not for multi-port USB hubs, I certainly would not have been successful with the transition. But since that is not the case, I definitely consider the Surface Pro a success.


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I bought the Surface RT at best buy to test out the touch screen features and ordered a pro from MS because Best Buy didn't have the pro. Personally after using both, the battery life difference from the RT to the pro is worth the functionality. When I got my pro up personalized the way I liked it, it died a lot faster. So I ended up installing CC cleaner and turning off all start off programs and I got about 2 more hours of use.

To me the RT is going to be near useless outside of full office and keyboard compared to other tablets until MS store catches up. Compared to istore and android store launch MS looks great, but comparing current stores it looks lame. Most of the apps on the start are shit and or pay for. I think MS should of put more money into the store to make unique and free apps that uses all of the surfaces resources.

Sounds like the person who created this thread would be better off with just a Galaxy Note being as which its a phone/ tablet with great battery life and the free open environment that google has always offered.
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. For a guy who took 4 4 hour flights in a week why on gods earth don't you use the power seat adapter to plug in? As a frequent flier who just got back from another coast to coast my pro lasted 7 hours plus on the plane plugged (road warrior 101).

The other question is why his battery life is so short? I commute by train and get just under five hours running Netflix through WiFi on this machine, every single day. Yes, that's about half of what my XBoard did, but he should have no issues on a 4 hour flight.


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Hey, OP here.

So, I actually have another surface pro that I have been using for the past 2 weeks, and I wish to retract all of my previous comments, and say now that this machine is absolutely killer. Here's how I went about fixing most of my issues:

First and foremost Battery life: There was something definitely wrong with the SP that I had originally. This machine lasts 5 hours+ with just office applications, brightness turned down to about 60% and wifi on. Which is just as much as my macbook pro. But, the SP has the added benefit of still being usable even if the dude in front of me reclines his chair fully.

Second the type cover: I definitely had a defective cover. My trackpad was terrible, non-responsive, the keys were rickety. I got another type cover, and it's great. Not as great as my aluminum Apple keyboard, but just fantastic for its size and key spacing. I have big hands, and in many ways this keyboard fits my hands better than my mac laptop keyboard.

Third the Gmail issue: This one really pissed me off. I live in Gmail, run a consulting practice using google hosting, it's my lifeblood. Having a kludgy workaround was awful. I found a fix! It's silly. Find a non-surface windows 8 machine that was built prior to 1/30/2013, setup gmail on it normally. With your windows live account syncing, it should automatically sync to your surface and BAM! All contacts, calendar, and email sync, and work flawlessly. Honestly, I didn't think this would work, but I repeated it on a friends' machine.

Now everything else, was purely my gripes. Since I've gotten a handle on windows 8 I absolutely love this machine again. In fact moreso than I did when I first got it. I must have had a defective machine because I have no issues here.

I have installed SimCity, and now that the servers are fixed, it runs amazingly, so does World of Warcraft.

Finally, here are some thoughts for folks for customizing their surface. I purchased a protector from stickerboy which looks really cool, black leather on back with white leather sides. I'll upload pictures later on.

Also, for a case, I'm using the Booq Viper Hardcase 11 which I had from my old macbook air. The surface fits perfectly inside it, and the case has a couple pockets for a mouse and other accessories.

In terms of a mouse, I'm using Apple's magic mouse and while I haven't been able to get multi-touch working on the mouse, I can do sideways scrolling, and everything else, after using the arc touch, a logitech, and other mice, this one is by far the best for the surface.

Oh yeah, one more thing, it's been said on these forums a few times, but the best way to plug the power cord in is to grab the wire and let the magnet do the work. Since I've done that, no issues getting this thing plugged in.

Thanks for all the information, all the help, and hopefully a welcome back into the SP fold.