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One more sleep

I was originally sold on the Wedge mouse and had purchased 3 (one for travel and two for home). But I quickly started to lose my enthusiasm; I previously used their Arc mouse and I loved it--especially how slim it is.

I also found the scrolling to be challenging compared to my Arc mouse. I especially had issues getting the right-click to work.

What ultimately got me frustrated was the sensitivity of the on/off switch. When in my travel bag it would rub against the other accessories and turn on, draining my batteries. That is another reason I liked the Arc mouse because on/off was controlled by arc/flat mode.

I eventually tried and settled on the Magic Mouse. The scrolling and right-click issues are gone and so is the on/off switch problem.

However, I still find that my mouse (regardless of brand) still loses Bluetooth connectivity all too often. Same with my keyboard, but less so.