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One Note- I'm using it wrong. help!

Ok, what exactly is it? A note pad that takes the pen? I add (+) a page. I can pen write a title, or use keyboard.

Then if I write on the page, my writing stays there. K. it's not gonna transcribe what I wrote? Ok. So its a pen on a piece of paper. Then if I click on tab (HOME). I see greyed out word processing stuff. But I can't write as my pen now acts as ink.
Am I not getting how this works?

Oh weird. So I can use the eraser to open Onenote ONLY when connected to the internet? I have to open Onenote by clicking on the app with airplane mode on. When connected to the internet the erase click works. weird.
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I'm surprised they haven't fixed that issue with Airplane Mode. It's been around for a couple of major updates. OneNote, the one that opens with the click, is intended to sync with the cloud so it does require Internet to operate. Sorry, I can't answer your other question.


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OneNote with pen is a replacement for analog pen and paper, using the desktop client all ink is searchable like typed text. You can also type in OneNote and use familiar tools that you'd find in Word.

You can also lasso text my using the button and circling the ink and convert that to text.