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OneNote for SURFACE does not work on SURFACE


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A major reason for buying a surface for me is for note taking.


ONENOTE .... except it is close to useless in the RT version ... ONENOTE can nto take ink notes!!!!!!!!!!!

This is dumb and insulting to users.

Oddly a version of ONENOTE 2103 DOES come wi the SURFACE ... except, thet version is not well adapted to a tablet.

Worse yet ...

There is noi easy way t find this out. I spent an hour or so trying to take notes before I figured out that ONENOTE for RT is crippleware. IF this is the ace MS would do a lot better by saying so. :nerd:
Of course it can...

Written using my middle finger, which was a bad idea. :D

I agree. I use it almost every day to organize my website notes. I've learned to like it very much.
I couldn't disagree more.

I use OneNote (Metro app) on my Surface RT for both work and personal use, and find it to be immensely well featured. If you absolutely need to use ink notes then Surface desktop edition is there for you, and as Arnold has shown this does work.

I personally use OneNote regularly and type notes out quite happily using either onscreen keyboard or touch-cover, and find the experience extremely satisfying.
The very idea of it being cripple-ware is a very poor evaluation of this app. OneNote is actually a prime example of what's possible using Metro apps - the context sensitive 'Radio Wheel' (as I call it) for editing text, pictures, attaching and accessing files etc shows just how easily power features can be added to a touch-app.

Further, the format parity with the other editions of OneNote (online and on desktop) is excellent. I'm able to fully sync notebooks between the app, SkyDrive and my desktop machine at work. The number of times I've been dashing into a meeting and been able to drag and drop a load of notes into my notebook on my desktop machine, and by the time I fire up OneNote on my surface - they're all there waiting for me, making me look rather well organised! I can even attach a load of files and have full access to them in the OneNote app - this is the sort of stuff you'd expect to be kinda hard to do in a 'version 1' app - but it's not, it really is a masterclass from Microsoft in App-building!

I hope you'll look again at Onenote, it really doesn't deserve the bashing you're giving it.
Yeah, I was confused and disappointed to find that OneNote MX doesn't have inking capability, but yes, at least the full version does.
I think OneNote works really well also but if you want to try a different app there is Note Anytime which also supports inking.
Yes ..

You can use OneNote 2013 if you want to deal with a nearly impossible to understand ribbon that take up 20% of the table screen. 2013 is nto a table application ... it is a dektop application that5 can =be run on a tablet.

And yes there are beginning to be some apps that come closer to the very good apps the iPAD has. ... that is with links and all.

Anyone who types there notes on a tablet has me admiration ,,, I would rather use a yellow pad.
Sounds like you don't even want to give it a chance...
Look again at the pic in Arnolds post, you can minimize the ribbon, you can run OneNote in fullscreen mode, you can adjust the quick access to your own need. Everything you need is there, you just have to take a look.

By the way: The "impossible to understand ribbon" is the same since Office 2007, with some little changes maybe. Enough time to understand the function and possibilities of the ribbon...