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Orginal Surface Pro video output

Arizona Willie

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I tried the Chromecast and it worked but the delay made it unusable.

I ordered an adapter but it apparently doesn't work. Can't get the video out to my monitor no matter what I do with the settings. I tried a known good HDMI cable but it still didn't work.

Awhile ago I found a gizmo still wrapped up in a plastic bag that looks like a mini-USB to HDMI adapter.
Don't know where it came from.

I'm wondering what this would be used for.

Don't see how I could use it on the Surface because it has a full USB connector.

Any ideas?


I found that you have to get a decent quality product for it to work as it should, I bought my Display to HDMI unit from a good local computer shop and a good quality HDMI cable, never had any problems since, plug it in, switch on monitor/TV and all works every time.


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Could be, I suppose. Don't see any place to plug it in to the Surface Pro.

Guess that's why it's still in its plastic wrapper.


That's because you can't plug it into the Pro/Pro 2 - they both use MiniDisplayPort as a connection out. The Surface RT and Surface 2 do however use the microHDMI.

I recently got a cheap MiniDP to HDMI which has worked perfectly so far.