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With Outlook.com taking off, why doesn't micrososft just make the mail client app work exactly like it? I don't understand the thought process behind half baking the mail app. I need a flag button on any mail app.

MS just rolled out a outlook.com app for Android, are they serious going to build apps for other platforms before their own?


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You can use an Outlook.com or Hotmail account - any Microsoft online email that creates a Microsoft account - as an email Tile in the Start screen. First of all, use the Microsoft account from that Outlook.com or Hotmail account as the Microsoft account you use to login to the Surface. Set up your 3rd party emails (Google, Yahoo, etc.) in the Outlook.com or Hotmail email account (including POP accounts, something the Mail app can't do).

From the Start screen login in to that Outlook.com or Hotmail account in Internet Explorer 10 UI, you can pin that webpage to the Start screen as a Tile by selecting the push pin symbol at the bottom right hand side (the Tile will say Outlook or Hotmail), if you save it to Favorites you can then drag it out of IE10 Favorites in the Desktop which creates a shortcut to it there (the Shortcut will say Outlook or Hotmail and your email user name).

To be on the safe side be sure to add the Outlook.com account to the Mail app, so all the Microsoft apps will sync up. The access to the People, Messaging, Calendar and SkyDrive apps are far easier within the Outlook Tile than the Mail app. Also, you can see the email address of the sender when you open an email - you can't always see that email address in the Mail app. If you are using the Outlook.com or Hotmail Tile exclusively for email, the Mail app can be unpinned from the Start screen (If desired, you can always add it back to the Start screen later).


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Thanks. I will try those, but I am frustrated that MS didn't make the mail app as good as outlook.com or outlook or the Apple mail app. Mail/work productivity is their niche, so trying to get cute with an app is a waste.
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I share your frustration. The Mail app is just about the only black eye I have with the Surface. I would expect a better Mail app either from MS or a third party to show itself shortly. It may even provide EAS support for Exchange to give us the Task syncing that we are also missing. Someone should write something and put it on the Windows store for like 4.99. I would give them my money right now.