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SP4 locking up, once last night, twice today

My two week old SP4 has given me some strange, small issues but for the most part it's been pretty solid until last night. While watching a video the machine just locked up. It made a horrible noise like the audio was stuck playing one particular digital 'slice' over and over and I couldn't do anything with it - the video image was stuck on the screen and the screen was locked up tight. I had to shut it down hard by holding in the Power key.

This morning I was using Edge and Outlook and watching a small video, and the system again locked up on me. The only thing I could do was move the mouse around the screen. I couldn't click on anything and nothing I did with the keyboard worked at all. This time holding down the Power key put it to sleep and when it came back it was exactly where it was previously but it worked fine.

And now it's happened a second time today, again with Edge, Outlook and a simple Facebook video playing. I can move the mouse around and in some spots on the screen it's got the blue busy cursor but that's it - again, I can't click on anything with the mouse or on the screen and the keyboard does nothing. Holding down Power again put it to sleep but it came back up with everything still running as it was before.

Has anybody had any experience with this? As far as I know I have all the updates. Is there something I can do when the Surface is in this mode to try to troubleshoot? The good news is I purchased this with the extras pack that includes two year MS support so I'm not worried about not getting it fixed.



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My guess is that you should try using a different browser to see if you come up with the same results. Process of elimination.

Jesse Segovia

I had this very same issue with my 2 day old SP4. Took it back to the shop got a new one, problem fixed :)
Thanks very much for the reply. Gee, I'd hate to have to get a new machine and set it up all over again. Maybe I'll take it by the Microsoft store tonight and see what they say.