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I've been using one of these for a while now PadPivot? - Welcome and although quite a lot of money, it's been great. It can be used on your knee, arm of a chair or on a desk.
I had a minor issue with quality when it first arrived, but not only was this sorted straight away, but I have also been sent an additional unit. You just can't beat that kind of customer service.
Is anyone else out there using one?
looks cool. I like that it's foldable. one question. can you elaborate on how this works with the kickstand gap? from the video it looks like you have to put an adhesive transparent sticker on the back that works with the stand itself? This can be seen where the strap is used on the leg.
thanks for the links.


I too am interested to know if that sticker works with the Surface kickstand.
After multiple openings and closings of the kickstand, does the sticker have any lines or creases in it? And if so, do they affect the suction cup getting an airtight seal?


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I trimmed the "sticker" so that it wouldn't be creased by the kickstand and this seems to work fine. However, I haven't tried it in portrait mode, may need to slice down the gap to get the full sticker area.