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PC Gaming... possible?


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I don't own a Surface but am very keen to buy one; I am however very interested to know whether it's possible to simply download PC games from legitimate online stores and play as you would on any given PC.

For example, could I download a copy of Oblivion from Steam and hey-presto I'm away?

From a quick browse, I'm guessing it's not an option but I'm yet to see a definitive answer. Supposing my expectations are right and it's not a possibility, can anyone confirm whether the Pro version will be any different?




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Steam does not want to support Windows RT as they do not want to distribute through the App Store, the want to use a Plugin into the Browser which RT does not support. If Steam is your primary purpose you'll want an x86 Tablet such as the Pro.


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Thanks for the response; Steam aside, what about other online gaming stores?

Will games need to be specifically compatible with Windows 8 RT or should older games, before the times of Windows 8, be playable?

I'm just curious whether the RT specifically blocks launching random applications or games and whether it is totally restricted to what's available within the MS Store?



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the Surface runs on Windows RT on an Arm processor. The games would have to be compiled for this combo to be playable on the Surface. Also, sideloading (install apps outside of the app store) is only going to happen on win RT devices that have purchased the Sideloading license (for lack of a better term) for 30 bucks a device I believe. So, you are restricted to what's in the app store and games like Oblivion aren't there. Like JN said, you'll want the Surface pro which comes with a full win 8 which can run all PC games. I guess to install games on the pro without an optical drive you could mount an ISO.