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Pen malfunction


Purchased 15 months ago here in the UK an SP4 Pro complete with keyboard plus pen.
A month ago the pen ceased to function, the obvious choice clapped out battery.
Getting AAAA ones from the computer outlet from where I purchased did not stock them,
neither did any other shops I contacted.
Amazon came to the rescue, though it to two weeks to arrive. checked batteries with a voltage meter, perfect.
Fitting a battery did not help, the LED light never lit up and it was impossible to connect via Bluetooth.
Contacting Microsoft they informed I needed a new one and could purchase at full price as it was 3 months out of guarantee.
I asked if it could be repaired, the answer no, so I expressed the view was one expected to purchase a new pen every 15 months.
To state that I am disgusted with M$, for their complete and utter disregard for a little over guarantee time after sale care when there is an obvious problem with the pen.
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EXACT SAME SITUATION. I bought it 13 mo ago and surface PEN not writing. Replaced AAAA battery but still not writing. Out of warranty.
Planned Obsolesence- They are trying to fool us...Consumers should get together and sue them so they don't do it again. They re doing this deliberately.
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