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Pen not responding


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I have a SP2017 Advanced LTE and I noticed every once in a while (seems to be especially when I rest my palm on the screen) the pen stops responding. Happens in OneNote and Whiteboard. Battery of the pen is at 62%. And after a while it starts responding again.
I'm at Windows 10 1909

Any idea? Or ways to troubleshoot the issue best?


I have noticed that the pen tip wear and tear occurs relatively soon with the original oem tip out of the box. Mine wore off within 6 months of normal use. I write at an angle and rest my palm on the screen. I notice the point of the tip looked like it had worn off at 60 degree angle. This caused a decreased surface contact of the tip to the screen. I turned the pen 180 degree, with a better contact of the tip to the screen. within a few weeks though it also started to behave unreliably during writing. I finally bought a new pack of new tips. Not cheap, but it solved the problem.