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Poll Pen use cases?

How useful do you find the Surface Pen?

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I'm kind of glad that Microsoft didn't include the pen with the Surface 3 (assuming that they would have bumped up the price had they done so) because I never had much use for it with my SP1 or my SP2. The only thing I thought it was good for was simulating a mouseover which I thought couldn't otherwise be done on a touchscreen, but this nifty little utility has taken care of that problem.

However, the OneNote integration has made me seriously consider buying one. I'm curious about the various ways in which people have found the pen beneficial. What are people's interesting use cases?


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The Active Digitizer is the game changer, I use the Pen multiple times a day.... without it my usage pattern would be suboptimal at best....


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I feel I don't need a use to justify it.
That fact I now have a tablet that works so awesome with it is all
I need.
Blue all the way baby!


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I chose very useful, but i don't use it all the time. In fact i use it fairly infrequently. But when i do have occasion to use it, it is just brilliant. In every day use i have no use for a pen, finger does the job, but at uni inking in onenote has proven invaluable to me in my first year. everyone running around with folders full of notes and lecture printouts to annotate, i have my entire years work in one nice organised little notebook. That justifies the price of the surface alone for me. Pretty much one of the main reasons i bought the thing.


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The pen is the reason I bought the pro 3 and for the same reasons as the above post. I use it in construction,for making up drawings and documents. I will now start coloring though, thanks.


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Like hughlle, I chose very useful, but i don't use it all the time. When I use OneNote (very often), then I always use the pen.


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I purchased the pen and use it mainly when I am in OneNote. I was hoping that it was more usable, because if I try and X out of screens the pen doesn't facilitate the closing with a tap to the corner. And I was hoping that when writing that the pen had an option that would convert script to text (more for being able to conserve space on a page). o_O


I use it on occasion for fun to do things in an more precise manner but the thing which holds me back from using it more is I can't use my Surface 3 for work. I'm not a student anymore and unfortunately the reality is until my firm catches up and allows us to BYOD something other than an iOS device, I won't be able to use the pen. That being said I heard that IT managed to get our CEO a Surface Pro 3 so hey, maybe it'll happen soon if I can convince them that I'm willing to co-contribute to the cost.

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