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Photos App - how to get it to scale to fill screen


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Anybody know how to get the Photos App to scale up images to fill the screen (maintaining aspect ratio)? Any decent photo viewer generally offers this option. The only option I can find for the Photos App is whether to enable/disable slideshow shuffle.

While I'm discussing the new (8.1) photos App ...

A few more options to control the slide show would be nice, i.e., slide transition effect, duration of slide display.

At least the new (8.1) version now shrinks to fit images that are larger than the display's resolution. The 8.0 version did not.

It is very annoying that if you zoom the image the Photo App disables your ability to move to the next/previous slide. You can't proceed with skipping through images until you shrink the image to it's default scaling.

It is also now possible to use the Photos App to view images in your SD card folders and to easily select the Photos App to preview the images when you are navigating folders using Windows Explorer. Microsoft is making improvements. At least now it meets some minimal acceptable requirements. Maybe someday it will be a truely useful tool.
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