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Pictures Folder Has No Pictures - But It Does, Really!



Had this same issues on my SP2, but never solved it and now getting it on SP3.

I have a pictures live tile on my start screen, which shows pictures, however if I open it I am told there are no files in the folder. If I open the pictures library I can see there is a folder called 'camera roll' which has pictures in it - but not the ones that are shown in the live tile !!

Also, if I try save an image in IE11 Metro I get tod that the network path can't be found.

I did change the location of the pictures library to be a folder in my one drive where my phone pictures are auto uploaded, but had the same issue before doing this.

Registry or setting change ?

All help appreciated. I did search but didn't find so sorry to the person who will know point out the 11 threads that sort this out that I haven't seen !


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I had problems with my Pictures Folder. This is what worked for me:

1) Open File Explorer
2) Click on Libraries
3) Right Click on the Pictures Library Folder
4) Select Properties
5) Select Restore Defaults
6) Click Apply/OK


I had the same problem when it was set up as standard.

When I try to move it to the default told that it can't as there is already a folder there and it can't be redirected (which is wrong, there is no folder of that name).

Anyway not sure how that would help as had the issue from day one.


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I had a similar issue. I kept looking at my "My Pictures" folder in One Drive, which was empty.


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For the libraries to work properly you need the folder added to the library and the indexing of that folder.



Thanks - yes that was part of the issue.

Combing a lot of searching I got it to work by

1) Turning indexing back on for pictures (got the when things are excluded and included the wrong way round)

2) Turned Library display on in Explorer

3) Added my folders with photos in to the library

And it all came together, as well as made it possible for me to save images from IE11 Metro which was also broken.

Thanks to everyone here for their help.

As a first time user of this online community I am impressed by all your helpfulness.


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I'm glad that it helped. This community is all about helping and sharing. I'm sure that you will be helping others here in the future.