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Strange Pictures Folder behavior


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I have created 3 sub-folders within my Pictures Library. Each has a few images in them. What is the proper procedure for selecting a picture out of each folder to be the 'sample' image that will appear on the outside the folder?

I thought that the way to do it would be to go to the Desktop, navigate to the Pictures folder, Right-click on one of the pictures sub-folders, select "Properties", go to "Customize" and select a photo from the folder to be the representative image. However, after doing this for all 3 of my sub-folders, I then return to my Live Tiles, tap the Pictures tile to look at my sub folders in there, and only the first of the three folders has the correct sample image on it. The second folder has an image that was not the one I selected for it. And the third folder is just blue, showing no sample picture at all, like it's empty or something (even though it does have at least one picture in it).

Why are these pictures folders misbehaving?

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