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Pictures Library locations affecting Camera Roll Folder


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Hi, my problem is since I set my pictures library to be located in an external drive, now I can't take pictures unless the external drive is connected. I would like to have the pictures taken with the camera to be stored anywhere in the internal drive, to eliminate the need to have the usb storage connected at all times.

I've tried all the solutions I could find:

1. moving the camera roll folder to the desktop. it only recreates the folder in E:/pictures

2. adding a library location to the pictures library, with the name "Camera Roll" located in the desktop, and setting it as the "save location" and the "public save loaction". Same thing. Camera still sends pictures to external drive, or (if not connected) doesn't save them at all.

3. Windows button + R, "regedit", etc,etc,etc,etc... Created a new expandable string with the name {AB5FB87B-7CE2-4F83-915D-550846C9537B} and the location %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Camera Roll. Nothing happened differently whatsoever. Still can't save pictures unless external drive is connected.




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No, I can't... once you set the library location to an external drive, it changes everything. That was the first thing I tried. (the most obvious) Camera only created a new folder in the pictures library.

I would't be posting a question in a forum if it were such an easy thing to google.


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I just tried it on my SP3 and have no problem with moving the camera roll folder to desktop. Photos get saved there as it should.

When you say you "set the library location to an external drive", do you mean you set the default save location there? Since camera roll is dependent on that, you'll probably need to change it so that the default save location is back on your local drive.