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Switching to External Display only requires keyboard/mouse?


I hooked up my SP to my TV the other night to watch some Netflix. I got both displays working and the movie started, but I ran into an issue when I tried to turn off the tablet screen. When you tell it to display to the external display only, you have 15 seconds to confirm that is what you want to do before it reverts back to using both screens. Since my TV is not touch and touching the screen reverts back to having the display on, there is no way to confirm the change with a keyboard or mouse. I understand the reasoning behind the confirmation and am not complaining about its existence, but is there any way to press confirm without my type cover attached?
I haven't tried to hook up the SP to my tv yet since I am so happy to watch Netflix on my Planar 27" monitor. Do you see a better picture or sound on the tv? Just asking.