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Gigabyte M7700B Bluetooth Mouse Disconnects Spontaneously


I've been using the Gigabyte M7700B Bluetooth Mouse for a month or two, and it generally works just fine. Lately, however, it has been spontaneously unpairing, and the device has to be removed and reinstalled to get it going again.

Interestingly, when the Mouse disconnects, there is no cursor from the trackpad either (I have mine set to turn off the trackpad when a Mouse is connected).

When I check Device Manager, there are 3 entries there shown for HID Device under Mice. Not sure if this is supposed to be the case. I uninstalled 2 of them, but was reluctant to uninstall the 3rd, concerned if this would lose connectivity to the trackpad (requiring a reboot, most likely, to fix).

Any thoughts on what the problem could be?

When I choose "Update Driver" it can't find anything newer. And Gigabyte's website doesn't list any drivers specifically for Windows 8.1


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Sometimes reinstalling drivers fixes problems so id go ahead and uninstall that third one too... it should reinstall it when its redetected.

Also the Surface bluetooth is part of the Marvell Avastar chipset so you might want to uninstall/reinstall that as well. You can get crosstalk or interference between wireless on 2.4ghz and bluetooth also so giving that a kick wouldn't hurt. I never paid attention if uninstalling the wireless driver also wacked the bluetooth at the same time but to be safe since reinstallation usually happens in the blink of an eye id Uninstall both.


Thanks for the reply. I'll be traveling for the next day or two but will give this a try when I'm home.

This may all be moot with Windows 10, but I'm not in a hurry for that at this point.