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power button action - turn off screen


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Does anyone know if this is possible somehow?

Ive had my Surface Pro 2 for a year now, and the the first 6mo or so i've had the screensaver disabled and its either on 24/7 or its in sleep mode via the external power button.
The problem is using 'sleep' disables the wifi, or at least enough that emails dont come through, browser tabs lose the site when updating etc. Might not bother some, but it bothers me, a real browser & outlook client is the reason i went Pro, i dont need 90% of PC features really, as im rarely far from my PC. I just want instant access to firefox & outlook, and waiting 10sec for it to reconnect (of which it has a tendancy to lose connection till i reboot the router, and it has an IP allocated to it too) is a PITA.

What ive been doing lately is putting the screensaver on, 'blank' after 3min, screen off after 5min. That means windows is running 24/7 and the screen is off most of the time.

What im hoping is that theres a hack or some fancy power app which allows me to 'rewire' the action of pressing the external power button, like you can do in the power options, but apply it to the act of instantly switching off the screen, no 3min wait for a lit black screen and a further 2min for it to switch off the display.

Does anyone know if something like this is possible? Its 2 different functions Windows already does, 'Switch off the display' (after X min of inaction) and 'power button action', but theres no option for the power button to switch off the display instantly.



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sounds like you need a Surfave 2 RT more than the pro as the S2 RT has connected standby and does what your asking also has full browser and outlook, secondly you should set up your SP2 to not sleep or anything and keep it plugged in, that way you can still receive all your emails and stuff and it won't (battery) die on you also..


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Nah, i couldnt justify buying a tablet just for the reasons i listed. Despite saying i didnt need 90% of the PCs functions, im a transplant patient and theres simply no knowing when things go belly up, and i definitely couldnt justify having a laptop which is going to be sat in a box somewhere doing very little, simply to have something preloaded with software i'd need. So i treat it like a laptop without a keyboard, for now its handy bedside, in the future i can add a kb & mouse and im good to go.

So the bedside use is the issue with leaving it on, originally i'd just stick it on sleep when i was done, and not have the screensaver & whatnot.
Its silly little things, i'll download a handful of youtube gaming videos and if you put it into sleep it closes the connection.

For the time being, using an earlyish activating blank screensaver and then 'Switch off the display' shortly after is the best solution it seems, it'd just be so much nicer if windows let you configure the power button beyond sleep, hibernate & shut down.