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Close the lid/Power button to trigger actions


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Hi there,

I can't seem to find anything regarding this.

Is there any way to customise what "Close the lid & Power button" actions do? I want to LOCK my SP3 when I close the keyboard or when I press the power button.

I would also be interested if there's any way to use "Close the lid & Power button" actions to trigger other actions? For example instead of locking it, I'd like to try with turning the "monitor" off which puts my SP3 in to a similar mode to iOS when a power button is pressed.

So far I've just been shutting my SP3 down every time I closed the lid or pressed the power button and it doesn't really take long to boot it, it's too long for me :p

Sometimes I use an app called Monitor Off Utility to turn the SP3 screen off. This will sort of "lock" the SP3.

Any ideas? :p


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In the Control panel, under Power Options you have the option to change what the power button does. You have the option there to set "Require a password" on wakeup.

Also under PC Settings from the charms menu, in Accounts > Sign-in options, you can choose the time period of when the system requires a password or set it to require a password always.


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This won't get you there completely and mohcho's answer is great, just supplementing it a little bit. You can get a little more advanced control by going to gpedit.msc (you can just type it in the start menu) then Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>System>Power>Button. You will have all kinds of things you can configure for power button, and so on. However the closest option there is sleep, which with connected standby is close since it is still kind of running when it goes to sleep but not exactly what your looking for. This goes a little further than the Power Options which can be aggravating if you want to do something that gpedit can do that it can't.


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