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Power button turns creen black, but not OFF


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I want to use my Go as a bedside companion - so I need it to go dark, but not to sleep.

I've enabled and selected "Turn Display Off" for "When I press the Power button" (both plugged in and on battery).

It sort of works. The tablet does not sleep and the screen goes black, but not off. There's still visible light emitting from the screen, and it stays that way. In a dark bedroom, even black is too much light.

Actually, I've found that no option fully turns off the screen except Shut Down, which defeats the purpose in this case.

Any thoughts or ideas are welcome!


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My Go has been my bedside companion for some time now, and I've set the "Power & sleep" settings to turn off the screen after 30 minutes as I sometimes enjoy listening to a little music or a podcast before going to sleep.

As a test, I configured my Surface Go to "Turn off the display" when pressing the power button (when plugged in), and the screen doesn't emit any light whatsoever, and my bedroom is completely dark.

I came across an article that discusses running one of the Windows troubleshooters to help diagnose when the display doesn't turn off after a specified time and wonder if this might help you. Although it doesn't specifically address your concern, it may be worth trying. No guarantees, though.

1. Select Start > Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot.

2. Select Power from the list, then select Run the troubleshooter.

Just for fun, I ran the troubleshooter, and to my amazement, it discovered and fixed a few issues (see Screenshot below) even though I'm not currently aware of any, save for my Surface Pen.

Article | Screenshot