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power button -sleep


I have my power button set to sleep in settings. When I press my power button the sp3 displays a screen asking me to slide down to shut down. Am I missing a setting?


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I have the same problem, all of the settings are correct to make it sleep on pressing the power button, but it won't respond correctly, always the shut down slide screen.

may be unrelated but the waiting "wheel" won't stop spinning no matter what I'm doing, these issues started simultaneously..
Thanks for the response. Very strange, but both issues stopped all of a sudden. I had restarted my computer a number of times, but then I shut down, rebooted maybe two hours later, and the button has its old functionality.

Good find on the bug though, I'll know where to go if it happens again. Hyper-V was disabled when I found it.


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The thread is old but the issue is still prevalent - it appeared quite recently on my Surface Book.
After checking whether the power button press is actually set to put the machine to sleep in the Power Options of Control Panel, and making sure that Hyper-V is indeed disabled, whenever I press the power button, it still shows the 'Slide to shut down your PC' prompt.
I searched for other solutions and found only one, which suggested 2-button shutdown. Not surprisingly, it did not work. Has any of you had more luck in fixing this problem?

*EDIT* I tried shutting down by holding the power button for a few seconds and then turning back on. While turning back on, Windows communicated reconfiguring some features. It solved the issue for me.
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