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Dumb power questions


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Sorry, I'm an idiot, but I have a few lingering questions.

1. If I have the SP3 in regular kickstand mode with Type cover attached, and then just decide I'm done and lay the SP3 down flat on the keyboard and fold the kickstand back down, what happens? On my Thinkpad, this of course would be the same thing as simply closing the lid, which would put the laptop to sleep. Is this the same behavior on the SP3, when the keyboard comes in contact with the screen, it puts it to sleep?

2. What happens when I press the power button? I know the screen goes off, but is it shutting down, or sleeping?

3. Several of you guys have mentioned in the course of troubleshooting to do power button+ volume button maneuver. What is the significance of that? If I go to power> Shut Down, is the SP3 not truly shutting down?


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The default behavior for the power button is to put the SP3 into S0iX Connected Standby, also if you close the lid it will enter S0iX Connected Standby. Using the On Screen Power Button to Shutdown will in fact bring you to S5 Power State (Power Off).

Volume Rocker Down+Power Button is a way of bringing a Connected Standby Machine from a deep sleep (haven't needed to use it on the SP3)

Volume Rocker Up+Power Button brings you into the UEFI Menu but is also allows for a Hard Reset (clearing many hiccups).