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Power button too easily depressed?


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I wrote in another thread about my SP3 waking up when asleep in its folio case. However, I was playing around with it this afternoon and I'm not so sure that it actually woke up.

Rather, and I'd noticed this before, I was lifting the SP3 to move it while it was hibernated and I barely touched the power button. That's all it took to wake it up. I'm wondering if I bumped the button while I was putting it in the case yesterday and that's what woke it up.

Anyone else notice this? And if it is too sensitive, is this something that Microsoft could adjust in software? i.e., lengthen the amount of time needed to depress the button to start up the SP3?


LOL.... i have found my SP3 hot several times when i dig it out of my folio case. I am not sure why as I either turned it off, or put it to sleep.

This can now explain why it happens !

So I agree with your comments, too easy to actuate this button.