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SP3 wakes up automatically after shutdown


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I’ve been experiencing really strange behaviour since 2/20. First, SP3 would not enter hibernate after 4 hours of CS. I noticed this because of unusually low battery the next day when I turned it on and a battery report showed that it never entered a suspended state. A power efficiency report indicated that it was constantly communicating with something and I found out that media streaming was somehow turned on, which is strange because I don’t use SP3 to stream and I’ve never changed that setting.

Now, I’m finding that the machine wakes up from a complete shutdown. Just did a battery report and it showed that in under a minute after shutting it down, it woke up and went into CS. The good news is there was no battery drain, but I’ve never heard of SP3 waking up from a shutdown, have you?

So now I’m thinking that the shutdown button didn’t actually turn the device off but perhaps only put it to sleep but the battery report clearly shows it being “suspended” at the time I turned the machine off. 40 seconds later it shows it “active” on battery. Does anyone have any idea what’s going on?


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Pressing the Power Button by default puts into sleep unless you hold it down, but that would be a forced shutdown. What are your Power Setting configured to do?


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I'm shutting it down via the power option button, (not the hardware button) which has Sleep, Shutdown and Reboot.

I'm going to try a forced shutdown tonight by pressing the hardware button for 30-seconds.