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Powerpoint opened on Surface Pro looks weird on original device


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In our company a lot of Powerpoint is used. For example for creating a resume to send to clients.

If I get a Powerpoint template, open it on my Surface Pro and edit it, it looks all crooked on a 16:9 device. Most likely the template was created on a 16:9 device.

However, I don't recall getting any notification when opening a template on my Surface Pro. Something mentioning that margins will be adjusted or something like that.

How can I setup my Surface Pro/Office in a way that I can edit a Powerpoint file on my Surface Pro and it still looks good on the computers of my colleagues and my own company issued laptop?


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One or more of these causes are likely:

1 - Your Surface Pro is missing one or more of the particular fonts that your colleagues/company uses. You have just a bit of homework to do here. Open one of the PowerPoint files on one of the machines at the office or your company-issued computer. Look at the font name and size of the document around where it looks incorrect when opened on your own computer. Also look at the name and size of the font you are typing with. Now check out the same file on your computer. Note the differences. To resolve this permanently, use this guide: https://www.slidegenius.com/blog/custom-fonts-powerpoint/

2 - Your Surface Pro is preparing your document for printing, and the paper size/margins, etc. cannot work on your printer. Make sure you have a Windows certified printer driver. If you have no printers installed on your Surface Pro, then install the drivers for the printer model you use at the office, even though you don't own one.

3 - You may be using the Web interface for PowerPoint, not the native installation on your Surface Pro. Be sure to install Office on the Surface Pro. You may only be using Office 365 Online, rather than a desktop version. Your company likely will provide you with a license to install the desktop version, if you ask.

I hope this helps. Must be very frustrating.
Let us know ...


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1: Nope, all the fonts used in the template are available on my Surface as well.
2: I use the company issued laptop at home as well; both have the same printer associated. I checked the settings in "Design" --> "Slide size" and they are exactly the same (even when clicking "Custom slide size") on both machines.
3: I'm using full version of Office on both devices. They come from the same Office 365 subscription.... we're allowed to install that office version on one private PC and one private tablet.

The thing is: this doesn't happen with all PowerPoint files! Currently I opened my resume on my SP and on my HP (the company issued laptop) and I notice that the SP just seems to fit more text onto the slide than the HP does. Both in width and in height.
Then I opened an internship manual I was working at while on the train and the slides are exactly the same! Both SP and HP have exactly the same line breaks etc. I really don't have a clue as to what is wrong here.

The downside of this all is: I like to use my SP for business purposes and I am sort of allowed to do so. But if stuff like this happens too often they will at some point be fed up with it.


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Okay, now try this:

On a file that looks good on another computer, but looks bad on your Surface:
  • Click the File tab and then click Options.
  • In the left column, select the Save tab.
  • At the bottom, under Preserve fidelity when sharing this presentation, select the Embed fonts in the file check box.
  • Click OK.
Send the file to your Surface and open it. Is it okay now?

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