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problem connecting to internet at work


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i'm having a problem connecting to the WWW with my surface pro in the office.
We have had this setup for a while. My blackberry connects to it and i'm able to surf web, etc
talking to my IT guy, he said it bay be due to the fact that it is all 'NATed' in/ enterprise stuff that is not compatible with windows 8.
The surface pro connects fine..I have 4 bars. But I am unable to surf web and non of the apps work.

any advice much appreciated.


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You have a network level issue, not with the Surface Pro. No one here will be able to help you as we don't know your network configuration, policies and network address translation setup. Your IT guy should be able to figure it out, in some cases it is as easy as adding a DHCP reservation.

Network Address Translation is supported in Windows 8. I can even configure a NAT with Hyper-V.