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Something strange (touch problems)


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Something really really wierd is going on with my SP3.
I have changed my screen and it was working for several days so perfect and sudenlly without any proper reason touch stopped working. My SP3 is always standing on laptop cooling pad without me moving it. First I tought that maybe some cable lost connection between screen and SP3 but since I am not shaking my SP3 or something, I refuse to believe it is that. I was present when my friend attached all cables and he did it properly. Everything "clicked" as it should have. So I don't believe it is cables.

I am thinking about driver/firmware problems and I am thinking about reinstalling Windows 10 on it. But...I want to avoid that. I am sick of downloading so much GB to install everything I need (around 100 GB of installations). That will be my very last solution.

What I have tried by now:

1) clean the screen (I doubted from the start that would work, but on MS site it says to do that)
2) reinstall the drivers (I still think I installed wrong stuff)
3) calibration is pointless here since there is nothing to be calibrated...touch is not working at all
4) I have tried to get any Windows updates there was
5) I have tried to disable and enable touch in Device Manager

Do you guys have any suggestions?

Btw, Windows button on screen is working normally.