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Problems with Arch Touch Surface Edition mouse and Bluetooth

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Having just purchased a brand new Arc Touch Surface Edition mouse I have been having problems keeping it connected. Whilst I can reconnect it and it works okay, I can't remove the old drivers or instances of the mouse in PC & Devices, Bluetooth.

Whilst is not a game breaker as the mouse works, it is annoying to see three unused mouse connections that I can't remove or delete.

Any suggestions from my learned colleagues?

Thanks in advance!


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Try removing devices via the Control Panel. To keep your Arc Touch Mouse, or any Bluetooth device for that matter, from disconnecting disable Power Management for the Bluetooth Adapter in the Device Manager.

Sad Nation

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I tried deleting the hid compliant mice in device manager which deleted the mouse connection that worked as well as the others. In Devices & Printers (from Control Panel) there were still 4 mice "connected" but none of which would delete. After a reboot to get the mouse functioning again, there are still 3 unused connections in PC & Devices, Bluetooth!

How do I disable power management for the Bluetooth adaptor in device manager, I can't seem to find that option? **EDIT Never mind I found an entry in Marvel Avastar Bluetooth Radio Adaptor that allows me to stop it from turning itself off! **

Thanks in advance as always!
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