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Question about SP2 warranties


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When folks are talking about returning their SP2s and getting back refurbs, are they using the standard 12 month warranty from Microsoft or is this the MS Complete or something else entirely?

I just picked up a SP2 256GB from Best Buy and generally speaking avoid extended warranties, but am on the fence with this particular purchase.

If you guys have extended warranties, are you going the Complete route, the retailer of choice's offering, or Square Trade?

Really, it comes down to, which is the best option for getting a brand new unit if mine goes tango umbrella?

Standard 12month warranty. No one is at their MS Complete warranty as the Surface Pro 2 was not out yet for this long. But I see no reason it would be different, as the extended warranty is with the manufacture. No third party knows nothing about your system like big retail store ones. As this device is not serviceable I don't know what you'll get with BestBuy. Microsoft extended warranty is 150$ with accidental damage protection (up to 2 times. 50$ fee required for accidental damage).

If you go at a Microsoft Store, if you have one near by, they are reports that they just give you a new unit that they don't have any refurbs, much like Apple stores.
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Get the MS Complete warranty. I had a small scratch on my display. Not really sure how I got it, but I took it to the store and they swapped it our without question. I'm well beyond the 30 day warrant, too. Get MS Complete. It has served me VERY well, indeed!
Use an American Express card and you get 90 days accidental damage protection and 1 year extra warranty after the manufacturer's warranty runs out. I've replaced a TV and 2x iPhones through Amex with no hassles at all.