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Question about the charger


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Hi all,

The Surface Pro comes with this 48W charger and no one has written about its specs in detail.

Does anyone know the output voltage of the charger?
I guess it has to be 16V or 19V, but as the surface pro isn't available in Germany yet, I have to ask this question here.

I was thinking about using an external notebook battery like this one Amazon.com: Ultra Capacity High Quality 33600mAh Portable Charger External Battery Pack Power Bank Charger For Laptops and Notebooks - Compatible with Dell HP Sony IBM Lenovo Samsung Toshiba Acer Compaq Fujitsu Gateway Lition Asus: Cell Phones & Acce
But it depends on the specs of the original surface charger.

I would appreciate it if someone could measure the voltages of the adapter.

Thanks in advance. :)


... and since the charging port is very new, I suspect that no vendor of external batteries has a "tip" for it.


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I'm planning to use the "tip" of an charger i bought on ebay and attach it to one of the adapters that come with the external battery. If this works, i will be able to use the surface pro for about 8-9 hours (or even longer). :)
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