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Quick tip - Touch cover lifespan


If using the stylus or touch for an extended period of time on a table put the cover on backwards rather than folding it back so its in its natural position (as it would be when closed).

Cant say for sure but my guess is this'll help the covers circuitry lifespan a bit.

I have the type cover and always cringe a little when I fold it all the way back and the keys are resting on the table. I know that over time it is going to get all scratched up.

This is a great solution that I would have never thought of. Although, if I have to detach it to turn it around, 9 times out of 10 I'll probably just leave it unmatched :)
But, I will do this if I'm worried about forgetting the type cover, have nowhere convenient to put it, or am worried about scratching the back of the surface on a dodgy table.
How about that! A solution for a non-existent problem. lol

How exactly was this snarky comment useful to the conversation? The SP is hot and heavy. How is protecting the touch cover's surface from unneeded wear rubbing on a table not a benefit?

I agree with the OP. Awesome idea!