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Random shutdowns, most like due to power mgmt.


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Got a surface laptop 3, that has a problem with shutting down suddenly and abrupt. The problem has been there from day one, so been pretty much unused. I powered it up last month and been trying to troubleshoot it. I suspect it has something to do with power mangement somehow.
- If I use the unit, it runs fine.
- If I leave the unit, it will just shut down.
- Running windows 11, all updated and drivers and firmware also updated.
- If I run a tool like mouse move, it doesn't shutdown randomly!! Been running with this utility for 2 weeks and no random shutdown.

My question is whether anyone have experienced this problem before? I've been tinkering with power management in windows and i BIOS, but haven't found a configuration yet that work. Only the Move Mouse utility works, and I'm quessing preventing it from going into a low power mode of some sort for CPU or GPU.

Any input is greatly appreciated.