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Random slowdowns of this PoS


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Ok, I've been a heavy duty (office use 8 hrs/day) user of Surface Pro 2017, so please forgive me if I can't keep my nerves in check while writing this.

So, this little piece of sh.. has been pissing me off real bad recently with its random slowdowns for no apparent reason, other than maybe occasional dumb Windows processes I have no prospects of disabling for good anyway, with all the apparent fixes in Google not working anyway and just wasting the last bits of my time I have left for troubleshooting this crap of an MS product.

This is a complement to the ridiculously long history of MS's approach to software and hardware quality/reliability I've seen with this silicon bastard since 2018, which I've discussed here:

So, my official question here, apart from the rant to relieve the stress, is: is there anything I can try doing in case I happen to open my Surface like I did today only to see that everything is taking f...ng hours to load and everything MIRACULOUSLY FIXES ITSELF AFTER REBOOTING, just like pretty much ANY PERFORMANCE PROBLEM WITH THIS BLOODY THING?

For those who have the nerve to ask: yes, the system's fully updated.

No, it's not my unit that's acting funny. I had another Surface before RMA-ing it for battery issue and my wife's 2017 is also shit. And no, I don't click on ads on Pornhub and my system isn't full of virus trash. I only do simple office stuff.

I'm really about to get rid of this toss for good and go for an HP or something... It's just that I paid for it so much and it blends into my desktop so nicely with that Burgundy keyboard... What a pain in the butt. I feel sick in a stomach every time I see an MS logo. This damn Company has given me more grey hair than anything else with dozens of problems with different aspects of its entire ecosystem, ranging from the Surfaces themselves, through the Type Cover, all the way to Wireless Display Adapter.
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