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Surface 3 docking station


Has anyone here bought the Surface 3 docking station? The one thing which really intrigued me is on the Microsoft site it mentions that using the Surface 3 dock will have rapid charging. Without having one myself I can't test it but from looking at the photos as well it seems to connect via the USB/Displayport rather than MicroUSB so maybe that's how it can charge it quicker? Or was it talking about charging other devices plugged into the USB ports on the dock. Hmm.
If it really charges faster MS could make a mint selling a separate "Quick Charger" for the S3. Seems like I spend a lot of time on the charger... its a pain, really missing the quick charging of Surface 2.

Why did you do it Microsoft, why? What bonehead or bonehead survey made you think micro USB charging was a good idea. Its almost a dumb as buying Nokia to lose over 7 Billion dollars on top of the Billions already flushed down the Windows Phone toilet. Its like you need a parent or guardian to oversee things.
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While sensible (little different to the nexus 10 - USB by default, pogo charger at a cost for quick charging) i think an issue with the S3 would be that there would be quite a bit of backlash about people being asked to pay for a charger that is only really funtional when left on a night stand. It would probably be quite tricky to build a charging cable that would not effect the device when using the kickstand, and would be impossible if they keyboard was attached.

I definately recall a user saying that the power adapter that comes with the dock being of a much higher output than the normal charger.
If it really charges faster MS could make a mint selling a separate "Quick Charger" for the S3.

Maybe they already have- and thought they needed to add 4 USB ports to help justify the $288 (Singapore) price tag. Could've sworn I read the word 'rapid' somewhere... but here is what it says as at today.

All powerful
The 48-watt power supply quickly recharges your Surface 3 battery and all your favourite devices while you work. That way you can hit the road or race to class with a fully charged device.
Source: http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/mssg/en_SG/pdp/Surface-3-Docking-Station/productID.314940700
IDK it's the exact same text as the Surface Pro 3 Docking Station which makes me think it was copied and never edited. Anyone have an actual Surface 3 Docking Station the can provide the details off the power supply? and even better the charging rate from BatteryBar? It may not make any different if it has a 48W power supply most of that could be for powering USB port devices. .
I have the docking station for the S3.

What do you want to know?
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I have the docking station for the S3.

What do you want to know?
What to know two things:
1. Most importantly is the Charge Rate as reported by BatteryBar (free on the web https://batterybarpro.com/ ) when charging the Surface 3 in the docking station. To start, it should probably be at least 50% to 60% discharged. then take a reading at 70% and 80% you might see it fluctuate some... were looking for the approximate maximum charge rate to determine if it charges faster with the Docking Station. When its fully charged it will tell you how long it took since you started and the percentage you started from. These are actually running totals and constantly updating. Total charge time from dead would be a nice to know but the charge rate should tell us what were looking for.

2. Somewhere on the power brick for the dock (assuming it has a brick) there will be printed (likely small) the power output specs. i.e something like 5.2V 3A. We would like to know what it says. If it's not on the brick it will be somewhere on the device. :)
I have the dock and can confirm it charges faster when docked than with the stock charger cable. it seems to charge 30%-35% an hour in the dock, and that's pretty independent of how I am using the Surface.
I'm thinking of getting the docking station. But maybe a better (cheaper solution is available). If you have the Docking Station, can you confirm how it charges, either through the Display Port or the USB 3.0 port? If it is the USB 3.0 port, then maybe I can buy a 3rd Party dock that and charge it through the USB port.
I am interested in a dockign station now too. Next thing is who has them on sale. I got the wireless display adapter on sale at best buy last week.
Can someone who has the docking station confirm whether you have to use a wired keyboard while the Surface is attached to the docking station?