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Surface 3 docking station

I have it. The one thing you CANNOT do is use the typecover unattached from the tablet. You can, however, do a couple of things: 1) You can still use the typecover perfectly fine with the docking station as long as it's attached to the tablet (the docking station does not prevent them attaching). 2) You can also use a USB wireless keyboard. Just attach the wireless keyboard's included dongle in one of the dock's USB ports and you're off to the races.


I am interested in a dockign station now too. Next thing is who has them on sale. I got the wireless display adapter on sale at best buy last week.
I bought a "refurbished" dock on ebay for $90 US. It came in like new condition but the box was scuffed. I've very happy with the purchase and the performance of the dock.


Can someone who has the docking station confirm whether you have to use a wired keyboard while the Surface is attached to the docking station?
I use a Logitech Wireless K400 - It works great! I just plugged the adapter into a usb port on the dock.


I have it. The one thing you CANNOT do is use the typecover unattached from the tablet.

Actually, if you can find a type cover wireless adapter that were being sold when the Surface Pro 2 was out, you can use the Type Keyboard with the dock as a wireless keyboard.


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I have the dock. I use it for work in my "home office" on days I work from home instead of lugging my heavy workstation class laptop home. It works great and certainly charges the device faster.


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If they made a small dock similar to the new Surface Pro Dock id consider getting one for the faster charging. I just don't have room for that bulky dock that only works with one device.


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Here's my question - can we charge off the regular USB port, with a USB to USB cable, perhaps. I always have such inconsistent charging with the micro-USB port.


I love our dock. We have it hooked to a 23" HP IPS monitor, Logitech keyboard, mouse and touchpad combo. When using it, you cannot tell that your surface is doing the work. Its the same as using a desktop computer. It makes the surface truly a do it all machine! Best purchase we made was our two surface 3s and accessories.


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I was lucky enough to get one of eBay unopened for $53. It works great. Really glad I bought it. Next up? A bigger monitor.