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RDP Issue


I am having issues using remote desktop with my Surface RT. I would like to remotely connect to my home desktop and view the entire screen without having to scroll. Whenever I maximize the RDP window, the below image is what I get. I have tried right clicking on the RDP window and hitting full screen, this is just as bad. The image of the connected to computer is still the same, it just adds black space on each side of the screen. I still have to scroll down to see the full desktop. Any suggestions?


Some background:
RT is upgraded to RT 8.1
Connecting to computer using Windows 7
Computer usually has two monitors connected but switching to only one makes no difference; I only need to view one of the monitors when using RDP
The computer is running with a resolution of 1360x768
I don't know if this is a problem caused by RT 8.1 as I never tested this before installing RT 8.1


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On the options of the RDP Client....
RDP Client1.PNG
Click on the display tab....
RDP Client2.PNG
Make sure the slider is all the over to the right so you get Fullscreen
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When I opened that up to make sure mine was set properly, it was already at full. After making sure it was at full, I went ahead and connected to see if that fixed it. It did. It seems to now work beautifully. It is running in full screen on the proper resolution without any issues. Now I can work on Matlab Projects with my Surface RT!

Thank you for pointing that out. I can't believe I didn't think to check it originally...