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Reading List App Broken...By Microsoft


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It seems Microsoft is trying hard to distance themselves from everything connected to Windows 8.
For example, although the OS is but three years old:
1. No Edge Browser
2. No Microsoft Office Mobile apps
3. No Cortana
4. Apps written for Windows 10 are incompatible with Windows 8.

I can deal with the above. But recently I had to reinstall Windows 8 and all of a sudden my Reading List, was totally empty! I can see it on my Windows Phone, but on my Surface 3 nothing. My desktop has Windows 10, and I in the Reading List app on Windows 10 I can see my saved items. However, in Windows 10, Edge now has built in Reading List and the app is just a viewer of saved headlines.

I asked Microsoft and they said that Reading List app on Windows 8 is being phased out!

This makes me so mad. Unlike iOS, where you can safely download an app and reinstall it later, Windows Store apps can disappear at any time and there is no way to back them up.