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Solved Camera & Video issue

Stephen Murphy

New Member
I went to use the camera on the Surface 2 and was greeted by the message.

We can't get to the camera roll at the moment
Something went wrong while accessing the camera roll.

If I go on to take a picture this message is displayed.

This photo wasn't saved
Something went wrong while saving this photo.

I have so far checked in the options and settings and tried shutting down the Surface 2, but have had no success. The camera roll folder is located correctly in Pictures. I don't generally use the camera or the video but I would like to know that I could use it.
We are having the same issue, but do not know what you mean by doing a refresh. Thank you!
Click on the Charms Bar and select Settings then select Change PC Settings.... Then goto Update and Recovery and select Refresh My Computer...IIRC
I do hope MS is collecting forensics on all these Refreshes so they can address the root causes. :rolleyes: