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I just received - as I am sure you folks have - a slew of W10 updates on my SP3 (and S3). Details here: Windows 10 update history - Windows Help

I must say that Edge seems much faster than before. And, one other thing: I notice my SP3 running a trifle cooler (by touch) than what it used to before this update.

How is this update treating you folks?

Edit: From the little that I have used the Sp3 thus far, it seems much quicker than before. Things like File Explorer opens in a snap. I am really liking W10!!! (kinda late in the day to express this, nevertheless!!!)


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Hasn't fixed the flight mode issue (at least not on my SP3 or S3Lte. I have even completed a clean install using the USB media creation method (I gave up after 5 attempts to download the specific file for my device type) but alas, still no joy.
Still seeing the same random charging/not charging on the S3 (yes with the MS power adaptor & cord)
I've been a big fan of MS, W10 & the Surface, but have to say, I'm losing patience


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I'm seeing flight mode and blue tooth on, on desktops withthout WiFi or blue tooth. So far it hasn't bothered anyone because my users don't even look there. It's a bug that's been around for a while.


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Yeps, that flight mode thing - I checked. I have that problem too. Not really a bother, but one knows it is there!

Otherwise though, I do find that this update most definitely has quickened the S3 and the SP3.

Edit: About that not charging business on the S3 - I experienced that only once since I have had the S3 and that was a few weeks back. But I have not seen that till now after the most recent updates.

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