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Recovery Disk/image 8.1


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Is there a mirror for the recovery file anywhere. Everytime i try and download from there, no matter what PC i use or how fast my connection is, it downloads at around 150Kb/s, even on a high speed connection. It estimates that it will take me 12 hours to download the file from MS Servers.


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Is there any reason to create the recovery stick before anything happens with my surface? I mean I have a Desktop PC and can create it with this machine, right?


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Does it have to be a USB stick for recovery ? Can I use a MicroSD that I have spare ?

Yes, it can be a MicroSDXC drive. However, it will be reformatted to 32GB. When you decide to return it to normal service, you cannot use the Windows built-in Format options to return it to original (like my SanDisk 128GB), but instead use the SD Formatter free formatter from here. This utility will return it to the max possible configuration.


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Ok I am doing something totally wrong here and need help. I installed windows 10 and for some reason it is messing with my network so I wanted to try and flash back to windows 8. I have the recovery zip that took 10 hours to download but I can't seem to create it into a recovery usb or my surface pro doesn't see it..


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Yes, it can be a MicroSDXC drive.

And may I ask how I can set the system to boot from this MicroSDXC.? In the boot settings there is only the option to boot from Network, USB or SSD. I tried to use an MicroSDXC as I have only of 32 GB and currently do not have a stick that is large enough for the image.