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Repeated "Autorotate" and "Attached" Messages!


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My Surface Book is popping up a message about every 29 seconds saying "Autorotate On" and then the "Attached" message indicating that the screen has been re-attached. This happens any time the screen is (already) attached. The computer locks up for a couple of seconds every time this happens. I have done lots of troubleshooting but no trouble-solving! Can anyone help?


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Sorry no help other than I can confirm mine is doing exactly the same.
Done a full wipe and clean install from Surface Book Image.
problem still persists.
Not sure its hardware as there are no problems during setup/installation.
Any help please....


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When this happened to me about a year ago on my Surface Book, I found the problem.

A sliver of debris was in my connector port. Fished it out gently with a plastic toothpick.

The bad connection made my Surface Book think it was constantly disconnecting and re-attaching the screen.