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"Autorotate On" message


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I have this too. I think the autorotate notification is actually a a side effect of what's actually happening, and that is the SB is switching between tablet mode and laptop mode. When it goes from laptop mode to tablet mode, you also get a notification about the autorotate being enabled. This happens randomly for me, and has become annoying enough that I've turned off the setting that automatically goes into tablet mode when I unclip the tablet. Seems to happen a fair bit when plugging or unplugging it from power? I am fairly confident this is a software issue that will be fixed in time.


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I think it is a firmware issue related to the detach mechanism. MS missed up with the mechanism firmware and a lot issues are related to this mechanism like:

Sleep issue.
hibernating issue.
Clipboard attach and detach by it self.
Autorotate On message.
BSOD while attach or detach.

I think MS should release update ASAP to solve all this problems or they will lose their reputation with a device cost us more than $2000.


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Same. Surface Pro 4. Happens when I'm typing on my lap pretty frequently. I don't care about the message, but it interrupts my typing. The keyboard stops responding for a little while, then I not only have to wait for it to be recognized again, but I have to go back and retype everything that was lost between the time the keyboard stopped responding and the time I noticed it stopped responding.


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No more spontaneous switching between Tablet Mode and Laptop Mode with Preview Version 14251 and firmware 1/27/2016.

Surface Book i7/16/512


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Sorry about that still happening on your machine.
Make sure those electrical contacts are nice and clean.
Will keep looking around for a solution...


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I have the Autorotate On message from time to time as well. It's the least of the many problems with the device, though...


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I don't get the Autorotate On message error on my Surface Book, but that is about the only one I don't get. When I detach the screen, sometimes the Ready to Detach message stays on the screen until I reattach and detach the screen again. Sometimes when I reattach the screen, the rotation is just wrong and stays that way, until I detach and reattach. Sometimes when I reattach the screen, the detach button on the task bar shows the screen still detached even though it is attached and I can detach it by pushing the keyboard button (but not the taskbar button).

In short, it behaves exactly as one would expect - for a product that was released six months too early, after inadequate testing and amidst a slew of boastful performance claims that turn out to be clearly not true.


The auto-switching issue momentarily stopped happening after installing the newest firmware update, but several hours later started reoccurring. So, it's still not fixed, but at least for me occurs less frequently.

Brad Donohoo

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I have an answer to this for some of you! I finally figured out what was causing this problem for me on my Surface Book 1! If you have anti-virus - try uninstalling it. I installed malwarebytes and shortly after started getting the auto rotate ON and Attached messages CONSTANTLY. . I uninstalled malwarebytes and it quit doing it! Thought for sure that the hardware had to be damaged but so glad it was not! Hope this helps others out there w this issue. Just uninstall any software you've installed since it started and hopefully it'll fix it. I think Malwarebytes was keeping windows from doing something that checks it's connection to the keyboard on the surface book. Not positive, but seems to have to have been the case.
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