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Repeated Firmware Updates


I have a Surface Book (i7, 256gb & 8gb ram), and over the past two weeks whenever I've checked for updates, I keep getting notified that the firmware update released on 11/2/15 is ready to install. Each time, I've downloaded and installed the firmware update and after restarting, my Surface says that updates were installed successfully. So, does anyone know why I keep getting this firmware update to install?


I got that 11/2 update at least 3 times, but the last time was before the November update. The only time I've seen that happen before is when something happens to overwrite the update. For instance, a while back I installed Intel graphics drivers (downloaded directly from Intel) on my SP1. The Surface Gods didn't like that and reinstalled a previous Windows update that had updated the Intel drivers. I don't know how that could happen with a firmware update, though.

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